About our rapeseed wax

We use vegan and biodegradable rapeseed wax for our candles. Our wax is free from paraffins from mineral oil and thus offers a sustainable alternative to the commercially available paraffin wax, which is known to be a waste product of petroleum production.

Our rapeseed wax is a carefully adjusted mixture of hardened and partially hardened rapeseed oil and meets the requirements of the European directives and national regulations for the production of pillar candles and votive candles. The product complies with the requirements of RAL 041 Appendix 1.

During the manufacturing process, the rapeseed oil is pressed out of the rapeseed and then hardened to wax. As a local renewable raw material, rapeseed is biodegradable. In the overall process, rapeseed has a good ecological balance. This is due to the fact that this raw material has short transport routes and the extraction can be carried out on existing cultivated areas.

Our rapeseed wax is produced in Germany and is obtained from natural and renewable resources and therefore does not have to cover long transport routes, such as soy wax, which has to be imported mainly from the USA. Candles made from rapeseed wax are generally of higher quality and burn more slowly than comparable paraffin candles. Another advantage of ras wax is that it burns almost soot-free.